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This Week's Issue:September 22, 2016 September 22, 2016


Gun Stolen On E. Pine

Posted 9/29/2016

Record Staff 

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, a gun was reported stolen in the 300 block of E. Pine. Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder said the victime “was the lawful owner of the gun.”

Schroeder said in instances of gun thefts the department uses as number of tracking techniques.

“We keep an eye on buy/sell sites and enter the serial number in a national database that will flag the item stolen if law enforcement has contact with it,” he said.

Schroeder added guns are not often stolen, but are a lucrative mark for thieves.

“It is one of those items that can be traded for drugs or sold on underground markets, so it is a desirable item,” he said.

Schroeder advised gun owners to record serial numbers and keep firearms in safe places.

“It would also be a good idea to take a couple pictures of the gun and keep that in a safe place as well,” he added.

Schroeder said stolen firearms can pose a threat to communities.

“The potential for it falling into the hands of someone that makes a bad decision is high,” he said.

However, gun owners who are the victim of thefts are not legally liable for any crimes committed with their stolen weapons.

“There are no criminal issues, since they were a victim of a theft. In the litigious world we live in, there may be a somewhat low level of civil risk,” he said. 

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Iconic Kansas

Posted 9/29/2016

By Jacki Nelson

An iconic Kansas scene has been stopping drivers along Ridge Road for the last couple weeks.  A sunflower field along North Ridge Road has been in full bloom for nearly two weeks.

While sunflowers evoke pastoral Kansas and scenes from the Wizard of Oz, for farmer Craig Ewy, who is farming the 300 acres of flowers, they have a practical application in his no-till operation.

“I use them as a double-crop for wheat.  They’re pretty good for breaking up hard pack in the ground.  They have a very strong taproot; they’ll go through hard layers,” he said.

 Ewy said while sunflowers are a cash crop, he primarily uses them for soil conditioning.

“Corn really likes to come in behind sunflowers. We don’t work the ground at all anymore and corn will find the old tap root channel and get down into the moisture really good,” he said.

This summer has not been good for the heat-loving flowers.

“Sunflowers, they’re kind of funny. When they’re growing and bloom, they’re really nice. When they’re ready to harvest they’re about the ugliest crop out there.  They are brown, almost black - the whole plant - and when you go and check the moisture, it should only be about 10 percent,” he said.

Ewy added with the exceptionally wet summer, he was nearly a month late planting his  300 acres of sunflowers. 

When the heads are ready for harvest, Ewy goes out with a row crop head complete with belts to gather the crop and cut stalks.

“We used to use them a lot on milo and soy beans; it’s the same kind of header,” he said.

This year’s crop will be used for backyard bird feeders. 

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Community Read Author to Visit Hesston College and Hesston Public Library

Posted 9/28/2016

By Rachel McMaster

The author of the fall 2016 community read, Joshua Davis, will share with the community about his work in a 7:30 p.m., presentation, Tuesday, Oct. 4, at Hesston Mennonite Church on the Hesston College campus.   

Another opportunity for interested people to connect with him will be at 1 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the Hesston Public Library. The presentations are free and open to the public.

Davis’s “Spare Parts”, this year’s community read, was named one of the best new books by Amazon and the BBC in 2014.

It is the true story of four undocumented teenagers from Mexico and living in Phoenix who were inspired by their high school science teachers to be greater than their adversity and be successful in building an underwater robot to compete against corporate-sponsored collegiate teams.

The book was developed into a major motion picture by Lionsgate and  released in 2015, with well-known actors George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis.   

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Detour Taking Drivers Down To Newton

Posted 9/28/2016

By Jackie Nelson

With Dutch Avenue officially closed for the next 70 working days, residents and commuters are taking new routes into Hesston from the east.

According to Harvey County Road and Bridge Supervisor Jim Meier, the official detour will take drivers down to Newton and back up K-15 to access the east side of the bridge.

Meier stated establishing detours is not automatically part of a project, nor are they part of every road project.

“In this instance, because of where it is located close to a city limits, with regards to the industries that relay on this route and need heavy trucks, it was a good idea to establish a detour to let those transports stay on pavement,” he said.

While Meier acknowledged “traffic finds the quickest way” the township roads near Emma Creek have tight turns that may be difficult for larger vehicles.

“When there is a designated detour, you accept liability for that route and anything that happens. If you’re going to take them on gravel and tight turns, you’re going to end up with constant maintenance and damage.  Keeping them on pavement minimizes that greatly,” he said.

Meier added the designated detour will continuously maintained.

“Any time you take the designated detour, you’re ensured you’re going to make it,” he said. 

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