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Gough Giving Away Art At Holiday Marketplace

Posted 10/27/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Vicki Gough spends hours in her basement, elbows propped up by beanbags, stairing intently into an oxy-propane torch, melting glass rods and creating works of art.

Gough, a lampworker, creates fingernail-size pieces of art - glass beads. 

“I had a love for them, and I didn’t have a natural talent for stringing them together. I had an epiphany - I could learn to make them,” she said. After her revelation three years ago, Gough set to work on her newfound hobby.

Gough turned to the internet and ordered a book on lampwork and began scouring Youtube for tutorials.

“I was possessed, or obsessed.  By the time I took a class in Wichita, I kind of had the idea and I started collecting equipment,” she said.

Today, Gough has a GTT Bobcat, bottles of propane and oxygen, a kiln, tools, molds and thousands of rods of glass.  Each piece serves a specific purpose, and puts Gough one step further in her quest to create perfect pieces of art.

“It’s the challenge of mastering the techniques. I want to become more technically excellent. The heat control is really crucial, and the placement.  There’s so much learning in what glasses go together and make beautiful colors,” she said.

Gough said even as each bead is completed by hand, they must carefully be hand-cleaned before being put to market. 

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Boxing Up Holiday Spirit

Posted 10/27/2016

By Jacki Nelson

Michelle Pfautz, along with dozens of volunteers, already have their eyes toward the Christmas season for soldiers stationed overseas this holiday season.

Operation Christmas Stocking, an annual event to collect and create care packages for soldiers stationed outside the United States, is well underway, requesting donations and setting a packing date. 

Pfautz, whose father is a Koran War veteran, a father-in-law who served during World War II and a son who served in Iraq, said she has heard, first hand, the joy of receiving a care package. 

“They are missing people from home, and they don’t get a lot of things,” she said.

Pfautz, along with donors and packagers, strive to supply deployed service people with a touch of home.

“Last year I met a woman, one of the gals in the VFW in Hill City, [boxes] went to her grandson.  She asked if I was one of the gals from Hesston.  She told me, ‘You were part of the group that sent boxes to Germany.  My grandson said they had mail at their place and they thought it was one box. They got 76boxes. They couldn’t believe what they got,’ That’s what our town does and brings to people,” she said.

Last year,Operation Christmas Stocking sent 76 boxes. This year, Pfautz said, she is aspiring to send 80.

“I’m trying to get in touch with Jill Toews. Her son is a Marine and we would like to send them to him - so they can get to someone from our home town and his unit,” said Pfautz. 

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Final Candidate Forum Gives Voters Another Look At Sheriff Candidates

Posted 10/27/2016

By Jacki Nelson

HALSTEAD – Last Thursday evening, the final Harvey County Sheriffs Candidate Forum was hosted by the Kansas Learning Center for Health. The Hesston Record and the Harvey County Independent held the forum.

Candidates Chad Gay and Bryan Hall opened the forum with remarks on their qualifications and candidacy. The majority of the forum was comprised of audience-generated questions for the candidates.

• The first question for each of the candidates was regarding the primary focus of each of their administrations.

Hall responded he wants the office modernized.

“Not just with technology, but base crime policy off things that work.”

Hall went on to say that law enforcement has been policing based on emotion, “it feels good; someone does something bad, you punish them.” 

Hall said his primary focus would be to help people and to bring new, evidence-based policy and policing to the department.

Candidate Chad Gay said, “The way I look at things is people first.”

Gay emphasized creating personal relationships with residents and deputies and encouraging officers to be engaged.

“I want our deputies to get to know everyone and guys to be involved in their communities. I would encourage department members to get out and get involved,” he said. 

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