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How To Advertise

Advertising 101

If you are new to advertising and marketing a business, read this first. If not, skip below for rate card, specs and contact info.

Why Advertising in the Local Paper Works
Print advertising in weekly newspapers with a paid subscription base is a powerful way for businesses to advertise. People pay to have The Record delivered to their home or they pay for it at the store. This means they want to read it. That's not always true for something sent through the mail unsolicited. A daily paper is in the home a few hours before it is tossed and the next one arrives, but The Record tends to be around the house all week, giving people more of a chance to see your ad.

Why People Trust Weekly Newspaper  Advertising
People trust ads in their hometown newspaper more than they trust advertisements on Facebook or Craigslist. There is a normal process of vetting an ad when people who live and work in your hometown take the ad and publish it in the hometown paper. Simply put, we don't have a problem with scam ads, and our readers know that.

Who Creates the Ad?
We can. We employ degreed, experienced designers. We create the ad for you at no extra charge.

So How Do I Get Started?
First, determine what you want to do. Do you have a store and want a lot of people to come in a short period of time and buy lots of stuff you have marked down? If so, you need a large ad (a 1/4 or 1/2 page), with color or an insert in to the paper. These ads are designed to move a lot of product fast.
More than likely you need a small, well-designed ad run multiple times to build awareness of your business. Small ads published frequently work well for service businesses and retailers who want steady traffic. We can show you how to accomplish this.
If you are looking to draw people to an event like an anniversary or grand opening, we can use proven methods to get people to your store. Just contact us to get started.

Types of Advertising
Ads in the newspaper - Our most popular product. Easy to make, effective, multiple sizing and pricing options for any budget.
Inserts - We can design, print and deliver a flyer for you at affordable prices. These work great and we can show you samples of flyers that have gotten results.
Front page advertising - This gets noticed by everyone who looks at the newspaper that week.
Web - Advertise on this website, which gets hundreds of hits a day. A great way to complement an ongoing print campaign.
Direct mail - Ask about our marriage mail package in Hesston. Low prices with a big reach.

To get started,  call 620-327-4831 or email ads(at sign)

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