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Estep Saddles Up For Rodeo

Posted 7/30/2013

By Jacquelyn Nelson

Hesston teen Morgan Estep will be taking to the arena this weekend at the Harvey County Fair Rodeo on Friday and Saturday night.

Estep will be competing in the barrel racing both nights. She also participates in poll bending and flag racing through 4-H.

Estep said horses have been a major part of her life for the last decade.

“I got into horses because my dad was into rodeo when he was younger. He went out and bought me a horse from one of our friends. I came home and there was a horse in our pasture.  I started riding bareback with a halter when I was eight or nine. I got my first saddle and started competing when I was 10,” said Estep.

Estep immediately took to challenging, fast-paced events.

“I did flags, barrels and polls.  The flag race looked easy, run, grab the flag and you do well. I liked all the speed events and wanted to do them,” she said. 

As a young adult, Estep continues to be active in the rodeo and horse world.

“This year, I am most looking forward to the rodeo.  I love it so much!

“In 2011 I was the Newton Saddle Club Queen and that was a blast working the cattle in the arena and doing the queen wave. 

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MB Youth Back From Chicago Mission

Posted 7/30/2013

By Jaquelyn Nelson

Youth from Hesston Mennonite Brethren Church went on a mission trip to Chicago through DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection).

Seven youth leaders and 14 adults made the 14-hour drive to Chicago on July 13 and returned July 20.

Hesston MB Youth Minister Jared Redding said the youth chose, through a vote, to travel to Chicago for a week-long mission trip.

“We needed to be somewhere within a one-day driving distance. The kids made it pretty clear they wanted to go to Chicago,” said Redding.

“We have all been to camps in Colorado. We wanted to experience somewhere we hadn’t been,” said Kyndra Fuqua.

As a youth group, the Hesston MB students take part in an outreach project each year.

“Every summer we try to get something together. It can vary from something local in Wichita to something around the world. It depends on the year,” said Redding.

Redding said the group worked through a church and stayed on the church campus during the week-long trip.

“We stayed in Sunday School rooms. They had showers and living areas for us, so everything was set up through the church,” he said.

The youth worked in a variety of locations in the city.

“We were more on the north-west side. We worked in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, we stayed in a church in that area. We worked downtown, in Evanston and on the south side. We were all over the city, depending on the project and the day,” said Redding. 

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Board Considering Dropping Bus Route

Posted 7/30/2013

The USD 460 School Board met Monday, July 22 for a regularly scheduled meeting.
During the meeting the Board was given an update on potential changes to bus routes.

“We have taken a look and operated on what if we could have four routes, not five. We have been crunching the numbers,” said Superintendent Paul Becker.

Fiesel Jayhay said traditionally the school tries to be contentious of students’ time spent on the bus.

“It has been our practice, we don’t pick up before 7 a.m. and we recommended that students not be on the bus longer than an hour.

“With that being said, I looked at if we took a couple students and shuffled them around, we feel like we could cover the five routes with four routes. But, we will probably be picking some kids up five or 10 minutes before 7 a.m.,” he said.

However, Jayhay said students would still be arriving early enough for breakfast.
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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Posted 7/30/2013

By Jacquelyn Nelson

Every day, Hesston residents begin their commute pulling out of their driveways and on to City streets.

These streets are cared for by Jim Erb and his crew to ensure residents can safely make their way around town.

“Not counting alleyways, which we also maintain, there are about 24 miles of roadway in Hesston,” said Erb.

For the Streets Department, foresight and planning on the part of City leaders gives Hesstonians high-quality roads.

“Most of it is permanent streets, meaning there are no gravel roads in town. There is not a whole lot of maintenance and most of it is in relatively good shape,” said Erb.

Erb said surrounding communities are not as fortunate as Hesston when it comes to the quality of road surfaces.

“It is very expensive to build new streets. We are very fortunate we don’t have gravel roads. A a lot of towns our size do. Gravel roads and open ditches are a nightmare we don’t have to deal with. We have been fortunate we have had City Councils that are willing to spend the money, and people spend the money, to make a difference to neighborhoods,” said Erb. 

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Swather Power Club Features New Gear

Posted 7/30/2013

By Jacquelyn Nelson 

The Swather Power Club is rolling out a whole new look for the 2013 merchandise.

Merchandizing Committee members Dara Haldez and Lynda Kauffman said they will be rolling out new Mean Machine gear at Enrollment.

“Merchandise is one of our biggest fundraisers, but we also have Touchdown Maina and Freethrow Maina. Businesses pledge an amount for each touchdown or freethrow,” said Haldez.

The Swather Power Club not only supports Hesston students, but ensures money for purchasing merchandise stays local as well. 

“All our gear and wear comes from local suppliers. We rotate between suppliers. We keep it local, even our hats are made local. Most of our vendors are in a three-county area,” said Haldez.

The Swahter Power Club is revitalizing the Hesston look, aiming for more casual apparel. 

“We are a little out-of-the-box this year. We are trying to appeal to the high school kids. Other than sports t-shirts this is all they have for apparel,” said Haldez.

In the Power Club’s quest to expand their market, they have moved away from the more formal Swather merchandise.

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Posted 7/30/2013

Provided by Richard & Karen Fulk

(Precipitation is measured from 7 a.m. one day to 7 a.m. the next day, with the second one being the day of record. According to the NOAA, a trace means there is moisture but not measurable, or less than .01 in amount.)


July, 2013 precipitation

Sunday, July 7...........0.07

Wednesday, July 10..0.03

Friday, July 12..........0.01

Sunday, July 14.........0.27

Tuesday, July 16.......0.30

Wednesday, July 17..0.09

Sunday, July 21........1.77

Tuesday, July 23.......0.21

Wednesday, July 24..0.40

Friday, July 26..........1.14

Sunday, July 28........0.88

Monday, July 29.......0.94

Tuesday, July 30.......5.43


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Hesston Hit With 500-Year Flood

Posted 7/30/2013

Record Staff

INNUNDATED with water, Hesston residents were battening the hatches and bailing water on Monday night.

According to Karen Fulk, the official NOAA precipitation reporter for Hesston, recorded 5.43 inches of rainfall.  The July rainfall total this year is 11.54 inches. In 2012, the July rainfall total was .81 of an inch.

According to City Administrator John Carder, Monday night’s rains qualified as a 500-year flood event.

“The flood plain maps are established by FEMA. Essentially, they determine what certain flood districts. They consider hazard districts for 100 and 500 year flood plains. We had a 500-year flood event [Monday] night,” he said.

For those concerned about flooded properties being included in new hazard areas, Carder said the maps will not change.

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