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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Posted 7/30/2013

By Jacquelyn Nelson

Every day, Hesston residents begin their commute pulling out of their driveways and on to City streets.

These streets are cared for by Jim Erb and his crew to ensure residents can safely make their way around town.

“Not counting alleyways, which we also maintain, there are about 24 miles of roadway in Hesston,” said Erb.

For the Streets Department, foresight and planning on the part of City leaders gives Hesstonians high-quality roads.

“Most of it is permanent streets, meaning there are no gravel roads in town. There is not a whole lot of maintenance and most of it is in relatively good shape,” said Erb.

Erb said surrounding communities are not as fortunate as Hesston when it comes to the quality of road surfaces.

“It is very expensive to build new streets. We are very fortunate we don’t have gravel roads. A a lot of towns our size do. Gravel roads and open ditches are a nightmare we don’t have to deal with. We have been fortunate we have had City Councils that are willing to spend the money, and people spend the money, to make a difference to neighborhoods,” said Erb. 

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