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Reaching Out To Hesston Resource Center

Posted 8/13/2013

By Jackie Nelson

While poverty often remains unseen in Hesston, Hesston Resource Center Director Rae King said dozens of families in the community are in need of the Center’s services.

“If every family picked up, there would be 68 sacks going out. We have between 48 and 50 families that pick up regularly,” she said.

King said last month there were 103 individuals accounted for in those families receiving assistance. 

King said in addition to the families that are on the scheduled pick-up list, there are more families who could be utilizing the Center’s services.

“I know we have even more families who could be using the Resource Center,” she said.

King said the primary role of the Resource Center is food relief.

“This obviously isn’t a full month’s worth of groceries, but it is regularly about $50 worth of food in each sack,” she said.

King said when assembling the sacks of groceries for pick-up she is very intentional about what is distributed.

“We have a menu.  In September, I am hoping to give out pancake mix and syrup, along with our regular staples. Sometimes it will be spaghetti, but there will always be a meal,” she said.

In addition to a family meal, there is a regular assortment of goods distributed each month. 

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Youth Champions Of The Arts

Posted 8/13/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Artists Addi Schroeder and her mentor Libby Reimer are celebrating a Grand Champion win at the Harvey County Fair this year.
Schroeder’s colored pencil drawing of a bird won the prestigious award last week. 

Schroeder had entered several pieces into the competition and her colored pencil drawing of a bird came home an unexpected winner.

“It’s never the one you think. I thought that was my worst one. I did about five drawings with Libby. I entered five pieces at the fair and two were photography,” said Schroeder.

 Schroeder said she has long had a love of art.

“My grandpa is really good at painting and wood-burning. I’ve liked drawing since second grade,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder said she and Reimer connected through Schroeder’s mother, Vanessa, the Hesston High Administrative Assistant.

“Mrs. Schroeder got a hold of me and asked,” said Reimer.

The two began working together on various art projects.

“I started pencil drawing and wanted to do more people and work on proportions,” said Schroeder.

“We met a couple times in the fall and I taught her how to do facial features. We met again in the spring a couple more times,” said Reimer.

Reimer said she was impressed with Schroeder’s natural artistic talents.

“She was a really quick learner. Shading is more natural to me and she did very well,” said Reimer. 

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USD 460 Preliminary Numbers Are In

Posted 8/13/2013

USD 460 Enrollment took place last week and a temporary headcount has been established.

According to Superintendent Paul Becker, there have been some fluctuations in enrollment numbers.

“Hesston High School is lower by 19 students from last's year 270.  Total is head-count is 831, with student Full Time Equivalency at 799, down from 817.8,” he said.

Becker said while the number is lower, there are children that have yet to be factored in.

“The 799 number will be higher because IEP for 3,4, and 5 year olds are not figured in.  As of now, I'd say that the Full Time Equivalency will be around 803, at least for now,” he said.  

Becker said the district could be facing decreased funding due to enrollment and weightings, but the impact remains unknown until the official headcount is submitted in September.

“Overall, the weightings, such as at-risk, will negatively affect the budget, as there are not as many students who fall under the weightings as last year.  It is too early to know the total impact right now,” he said.


Hesston Elementary School

Kind - 64

1st - 60

2nd - 53

3rd - 71

4th- 60

Total: 308


Hesston Middle School

5th - 56

6th-  86

7th- 67

8th -63

Total: 272


Hesston High School

9th - 63

10th - 62

11th - 69

12th- 57

Total: 251


USD 460: 831

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Civic Club Issuing Open Invitation

Posted 8/13/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Women’s Civic Club is kicking off another year of service in the community. Each year the Civic Club invites non-member women to the first meeting of the year as guests of the club.

Janet Zook, a leader of Civic Club, said the organization has long sought to be a positive influence in the community.

“The mission of the club is to help women attain a better understanding of themselves and others and to bring together women interested in the such work with the view of rendering them helpful to each other and the community,” she said.

As am member, Zook said she has taken this mission to heart.

“I continue to be challenged to be dedicated to Civic Club because I believe in supporting the Hesston Community by offering my time to volunteer in the various causes that Civic Club supports,” she said.

Zook said any lady in the community was welcome to join Civic Club.

“Currently there are 25 ladies that belong to Civic Club. We encourage ladies of all ages to join us.  Membership is open to any woman with a commitment to enhancing the Hesston community,” she said.

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