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Civic Club Issuing Open Invitation

Posted 8/13/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Women’s Civic Club is kicking off another year of service in the community. Each year the Civic Club invites non-member women to the first meeting of the year as guests of the club.

Janet Zook, a leader of Civic Club, said the organization has long sought to be a positive influence in the community.

“The mission of the club is to help women attain a better understanding of themselves and others and to bring together women interested in the such work with the view of rendering them helpful to each other and the community,” she said.

As am member, Zook said she has taken this mission to heart.

“I continue to be challenged to be dedicated to Civic Club because I believe in supporting the Hesston Community by offering my time to volunteer in the various causes that Civic Club supports,” she said.

Zook said any lady in the community was welcome to join Civic Club.

“Currently there are 25 ladies that belong to Civic Club. We encourage ladies of all ages to join us.  Membership is open to any woman with a commitment to enhancing the Hesston community,” she said.

Zook said ladies interested in Civic Club will be active members and can participate in a number of community volunteer opportunities.

“Members are encouraged to attend five our of nine meetings a year.  The year begins in August and ends in May.  Membership is open in August and September.  We feel August is a good month to come and get an overall view of the upcoming year and see if it feels like a good fit for you.  Dues are not collected until you want to become a member. The yearly dues are $25,” she said.

Zook said the ladies of Civic Club have already established a calendar of events.

“Some of our activities this year will be:

-Work night at EtCetra Shop in Newton, jobs to be determined.

-Collect food and paper goods for Hesston Resource Center followed with an evening of organizing the shelves at the Resource Center.

-Decorate trees at the Hesston library.

-Furnish cookies for the luminary walk at the Arboretum.  We also volunteer in the various areas such as ticket taking.

-Furnish pies for the January Red Cross Blood Drive.

-Provide volunteers for the Fall and Spring Plant Sales at the Arboretum.

-Help stuff envelopes and prepare bibs for the Emma Creek Classic.

Zook said any woman interested in joining Womens Civic Club or wanting more information is welcome to attend this year’s first meeting on August 26 or contact Zook at 620-327-4349.

To ensure ladies feel welcome, prospective are connected with a current member to be their guest at their first meeting with Civic Club.