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Wealth Drain Means Millions Lost In Rural Communities

Posted 8/20/2013

By Record Staff

The Hesston Chamber of Commerce heard from Hesston Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb during the monthly luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 22.

Lamb discussed the challenge of wealth drain from small communities and the role of community foundations in preserving the wealth of a community and reinvesting in small towns.

“You have an elderly person who has lived in a community their whole life, and they die. Their children moved out of town after college. The kids come back, grieve with the community, make funeral and burial arrangements, see the final details of the estate worked out and - right before they leave town - they close out the bank accounts, life insurance policies and other assets and leave town with the money. That is wealth drain,” said Lamb.

Lamb said Community Foundations are a way to combat wealth drain.

“It is estimated that 177,000 Kansans will die  in this decade. That is almost $80 billion in estates. The goal of a small community foundation is we want 5 percent of that money to stay in the community,” said Lamb. 

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EDC Representive Address City Council

Posted 8/20/2013

On Monday, Aug. 12, the Hesston City Council was addressed by , Alan Schrag with the Harvey County Economic Development Council (HCEDC)

Schrag said he plans on making changes to how the HCEDC communicates with City leadership.

“I’ve been the HCEDC representative for 20 years.  We are appointed by our municipalities and we go to meetings and do our own thing. We don’t see our partners and there is no place for dialogue or questions and answers. The reason I am here, I would like to create a couple times a year, a time that there could be dialogue and we don’t have any agenda,” he said.

Schrag said there are systemic difficulties between the HCEDC and Cities when it comes to communication.

“One thing, I think that as a representative

 of our municipalities, we have failed greatly,  Part of that is the municipalities not demanding more and the reps, as soon as they are appointed, it is what they want and not what their constituents want,” he said. 

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Hesston College Students Return To Campus

Posted 8/20/2013

Hesston College students have returned to campus.

Freshman Spencer Miller arrived to Hesston College, following his father, who graduated from the Pastoral Ministries program.

“We heard about it through our church,” he said.

The size of Hesston College was also an attractive element for Spencer.

“I really like the size of the campus. It’s a good place to start,” he said.

Due to his father’s time in the Pastoral Ministry program, Spencer was already familiar with the community.

“I lived here from 2005 to 2007,” he said.

As a student, Spencer will be diving into his major.

“I’m going into information technology. I’m looking forward to my computer classes,” he said. 

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AGCO celebrates Ribbon Cutting For $45 Million Paint Facility

Posted 8/20/2013

On Friday, Aug. 16, AGCO hosted the official ribbon cutting for its new 200,000 square-foot, $45.627 million paint facility.

The new facility features E-coat, a state-of-the-art 17-stage primer system. Each tank holds up to 35,000 gallons of liquid and can accommodate parts up to 27-feet-long. 

Approximately 75 percent of all parts produced at the Hesston plant will pass through the E-coating process. The remaining 25 percent will be wet-painted.

According to Hans Berned Veltmaat Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer, the groundwork for the paint facility began several years ago.

“The major building blocks started three years ago when AGCO invested money into fabrication – lasers, press brakes and robot welding,” he said.

The process of bringing the paint facility to Hesston involved the cooperation of a number of entities, including the local Union.

Danny Hawkins, Treasurer for United Steel Workers Local 11228, said AGCO and the Union worked together to make the Hesston facility an appealing location. 

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Council Approves West Embers Expansion

Posted 8/20/2013

On Monday, Aug. 12, the Hesston City Council approved the final plat for additional lots in West Embers.

“This will create space for 12 new homes. And it will connect the existing street to Knott. This will be housing behind the Mennonite Brethren Church,” said City Administrator John Carder

Carder said the original West Embers plan included 144 residential properties.
”As far as current housing, there are about 50 homes. The first one was 39 to 49,” said Carder.

Carder said the new lots will have specials to help pay for additional lots.

“There is one fire hydrant at about $3,000 and that is our total commitment because the intersections are already paid for,” he said.

Carder said it would be an asset to the City and community to grow with the additional residential zoning.

“We’ve worked with the engineers. The financial guarantees are fine. The planning and drainage has been done and this rain, we have it accommodated,” he said.

According to Carder, construction on the new street and residential accommodations could begin before the first of the year and at the latest, spring of 2014.

Council voted unanimously to finalize and approve the platting of the 12 lots. 

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Hesston PD Take Down Suspect On The Lam

Posted 8/20/2013

On Friday, Aug. 16, Hesston Police apprehended Brandon Vanness at 9:40 a.m. at College Street and Randall. Vanness has allegedly been involved in a string of crimes around Harvey and Sedgwick Counties.

Vanness and Michael Kenort, both of Wichita, are suspects in up to four burglaries from cars in Halstead on July 21. One of the vehicles had $300 in cash, glasses, a purse and debit cards stolen. The debit cards were later used at a Newton convenience store and at Sam's Club in Wichita. 

Kenort was arrested on July 31.

The two men are facing charges of Burglary, theft, and fraud using an electronic devise or financial card from Halstead, according to Halstead Police Chief Steve Lewis. 

Vanness has additional warrants from other counties including McPherson and Sedgwick, according to Halstead Police Chief Steve Lewis and Sheriff T. Walton. 

He is also the suspect in an alleged car burglary in Sedgwick, according to T. Walton. "This was a good catch by Officer Carter," said Walton. 

According to Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder, who was also one of the arresting officers, Vanness has had several arrests and convictions.

“It is mostly property crimes,” said Schroeder.

Vanness made his way to Hesston in a stolen vehicle and ran out of fuel west of town. He then walked to Casey’s General Store on Old 81 seeking assistance.

“Casey’s called the police department because we administer a fund to help transients.  He learned that the police were coming and he abruptly left the store.  We found him walking about 20 minutes later at Randall Street and College Street,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder and Carter approached Vanness, who was uncooperative.

“He represented himself as someone else and provided false identification,” said Schroeder.

Police instructed Vanness he would be taken into custody. Vanness attempted to flee from the officers but was immediately apprehended. 

“He was told he was under arrest and immediately started running to the north.  He was apprehended in about 30 feet and placed under arrest,” said Schroeder.

Following his arrest, Vanness’ identity, and criminal history, was discovered.

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