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MythBusters Hesston Edition

Posted 8/27/2013

Want to win a simple wager? Keep this in mind the next time your friends challenge you to an urban legend contest about Hesston.

In true Myth Busters fashion, we have Confirmed or Busted 25 of the most common, and obscure, myths surrounding Hesston.

Who are the Myth Busters?

Rusty Whitcher and Jackie Nelson, between them more than 15 years of investigative journalism experience.

In this story, we have myths running the gamut from monster turtles hiding at the Arboretum to a traffic light coming to Ridge Road and Lincoln Blvd. to the original Hesston High mascot.

CONFIRMED: Mount Saint Hesston Has Tornado Debris

In a story written by The Record in June of 2012 Mount Saint Hesston does indeed have tornado debris at its base. The amount of debris is yet undetermined, but it is present. “Hesston Hill is definitely the result of the tornado,” said City Administrator John Carder.

Street Department head Jim Erb, who was part of the project, confirmed the debris under Hesston Hill.

“We were able – and I can’t even image they would have permitted us to do it now-a-days - KDHE allowed us to dispose of brick, asphalt etcetera and we told them we would cover it with dirt and make a mound out of it.  We were fortunate that we had public property we could do it on. So we mounded this stuff up and put a cover layer of dirt and ended up with Mount Saint Hesston following that,” he said.

BUSTED: The City Maintains rail-road crossings

In one of the most common myths around Hesston, the City does not maintain railroad crossings. 

“This is one of the issues that is very frustrating to the City. We really identify with people that have concerns. We do get beaten up over it, but we are unfortunately powerless. And that is a frustration with us, as these crossings pare part of our streets and communities.  City street crews can only come within four feet of the tracks,” said City Administrator John Carder.

According to Carder, Watco Companies Inc. of Pittsburg, Ka. and the Kansas Department of Transportation are responsible for crossing maintenance