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Sweepstakes Time

Posted 8/9/2013

The Hesston Record's sweepstakes contest is underway. Get the lowest prices of the year on a subscription. You could win $250, too!

See the Aug. 15 newspaper for details.

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Turbo-Fast Turtles Race at County Fair

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jenna Quentin

Special To The Record

Excited kids with 5-gallon buckets streamed to the Turtle Races at the Harvey County Fair. The event started at 11a.m. Saturday, August 3rd.  It was hosted by Don Bonewitz of Farm Bureau Financial Services and Randy Jasperson of Jasperson Chiropractic. 

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 entered 16 land box turtles and 21 water turtles.

Lucas and Eli Roth, ages 9 and 5, from Hesston, entered a painted water turtle named Turty as number 8.

“He was in the road and Mom almost ran over him. She stopped and said let's keep him for the turtle race,” said Lucas.

The family of four brothers kept Turty for about a month before the big day.

This was Lucas' and Eli's first time racing; they are also involved in 4-H. When asked if they thought Turty would win, Eli shrugged shyly, but Lucas said, “Maybe.”

Land turtles raced first, in heats divided by children's age groups.

The Roth brothers each raced Turty in their heat, encouraging their friend to waddle across the ring of chalk.

Turty hustled but was beaten by some turbo-fast turtles. Hard luck for the hard-shelled reptile. 

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Heavy Rains Means High Wells, Recovered Aquifer

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

With a cool and rain-filled summer, the water supply for Hesston is in exceptional condition.

“Our wells are in excellent shape.  Last year we monitored well water levels daily.  This year we only check weekly since we are not even close to conservation levels.  Our aquifer recharges fairly quickly as compared to deeper water in western Kansas,” said City Administrator John Carder.

While the aquifer recharges quickly, Carder said there is no risk of contamination from flood waters coursing over the area.

“It is still deep enough that we don’t risk easy contamination. It does not immediately impact the aquifer.  The depth to the water is over 40 feet so a heavy rain doesn’t have time to filter through the soil before it runs off downstream. Any water that does find its way into the aquifer passes through the natural filter of earth and is relatively pure when it reaches the groundwater,” he said. 

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Rural Kansas Art Featured At Walkabout Gallery

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Photographer and painter Neil Kerbs is this months featured artist at the Walkabout Gallery, located in the basement of the Hesston Wellness Center.

Kerbs said he has a life-long passion for scenery.

“I’ve liked looking out the car window since I was a child,” he said.

As a young adult, Kerbs’ family encouraged him to embrace art.

“My mother was an artist and I have been on-and-off since I was a teen. My dad was into photography,” he said.

Working in acrylic paint, Kerbs said the medium is very forgiving.

“The nice thing about acrylics, if you make a mistake, you can wait a couple minutes for it to dry, paint over it and it was like it was never there. Oils, you try that and you end up with muck,” he said. 

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Young Entrepreneur Finding Sweet Success

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Dylan Dilks is one of the youngest business owners in Hesston.

At 12-years-old Dylan is developing his candy business, with four locations for his candy dispensers.

Dilks has long been an entrepreneur.

“It started around third or fourth grade. I had so many things I wanted and my allowance wasn’t enough. I started thinking about ways to make money,” he said.

Dylan said the idea of candy vending came up in early discussions with his family about earning extra money.

“My dad (Anthony Dilks) and I came up with the idea of candy vending. That idea got pushed to the side and I kind of lost the idea. Then around 4th or 5th grade, I started thinking about it more and I went to Bill (Hurst) at the barber shop and asked if it would be ok to put a gumball machine in,” said Dylan.

“We’ve made a point of him doing it himself.  He is networking and discussing the business deals.  He’s got different agreements with ht places he’s got agreements with.  It’s really been him,” said Anthony.

Dylan now has three machines in Hesston and one in Newton.

“I had the one in [Bill’s] for quite a while and saw it was making $3 per month. I got a triple-candy machine and replaced it. Now I have a steady income of about $10 every time a check it – which is about three weeks, on average.

“I have one at the City building. It doesn’t make too much, it’s not one of my main sellers.

“The most recent is in A Cut Above. I got permission and that’s made me a steady $5 to $7.50.

“I got one in Newton from the person I bought them from. I got the one in the True Value store in Newton by the outlet mall. That’s $70 to $100 every month to month-and-a-half. That one is my big deal,” said Dylan. 

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Betts Earns Big Tip From Aaron’s Last Wish

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston High graduate Jessica Betts was one lucky waitress in Lawrence July 27 when she received a $500 tip from the organization Aaron’s Last Wish.

Aaron’s Last Wish is an effort spearheaded by Seth Collins in honor of his brother. 

The group explained they were traveling around to each state and handing out $500 tips to unsuspecting waiters and waitresses. 

Betts said before Saturday, she was unfamiliar with their efforts.

“I had never heard if Aaron's last wish before, and I also had no idea he was coming to Lawrence,” she said.

Betts had no indication her four-top table would be anything other than typical customers.

“I had completely no idea that this was a special table in any way. They acted very normal up until the time the bill came,” she said.

Betts said when she brought the table their check, they surprised her with the massive tip.

“When I first received the tip it was just a rush of emotion. I didn't know what to think,” she said.

In addition, Betts said at 23rd Street Brewery, wait staff do not split tips.

“I do not have to split tips between my wait staff. Luckily I was able to keep the whole tip to myself,” she said.

However, Betts has been far from stingy with her windfall.

“I have already given $200 to my roommate to help her pay for hair school, and the rest of it I'm using on moving expenses,” she said.

While Betts deeply appreciated the financial boost, she appreciated the people and reason behind the tip.

“I want Hesston folks to know that I not only gained a great tip but an amazing friend.  What Seth is doing is an incredible thing. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with him after the fact. And I am so thrilled that he is leaving such an amazing legacy for his brother.” 

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Fishing Clinic Lands 25 Participants

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Recreation Center, Lions Club and Schowalter Villa partnered to create hours of fishing fun at Lake Vista on Thursday, Aug. 1.

 The Lions Club sponsored the re-stocking of the pond.

“We paid to have the fish delivered yesterday,” said Lions Club member Dale Koehn.

The Lions acted in stocking Lake Vista so children participating in the event would be more likely to catch a fish.

“We had the opportunity to help the Rec. And, we have a lot of Lions out interacting with kids and doing some teaching,” said Lion Ken Schwanke.

“We want every kid to catch at least one fish, and it really looks like that’s going to happen,” said Hesston Recreation Director John Earl.             

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