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Heavy Rains Means High Wells, Recovered Aquifer

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

With a cool and rain-filled summer, the water supply for Hesston is in exceptional condition.

“Our wells are in excellent shape.  Last year we monitored well water levels daily.  This year we only check weekly since we are not even close to conservation levels.  Our aquifer recharges fairly quickly as compared to deeper water in western Kansas,” said City Administrator John Carder.

While the aquifer recharges quickly, Carder said there is no risk of contamination from flood waters coursing over the area.

“It is still deep enough that we don’t risk easy contamination. It does not immediately impact the aquifer.  The depth to the water is over 40 feet so a heavy rain doesn’t have time to filter through the soil before it runs off downstream. Any water that does find its way into the aquifer passes through the natural filter of earth and is relatively pure when it reaches the groundwater,” he said. 

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