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Young Entrepreneur Finding Sweet Success

Posted 8/6/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Dylan Dilks is one of the youngest business owners in Hesston.

At 12-years-old Dylan is developing his candy business, with four locations for his candy dispensers.

Dilks has long been an entrepreneur.

“It started around third or fourth grade. I had so many things I wanted and my allowance wasn’t enough. I started thinking about ways to make money,” he said.

Dylan said the idea of candy vending came up in early discussions with his family about earning extra money.

“My dad (Anthony Dilks) and I came up with the idea of candy vending. That idea got pushed to the side and I kind of lost the idea. Then around 4th or 5th grade, I started thinking about it more and I went to Bill (Hurst) at the barber shop and asked if it would be ok to put a gumball machine in,” said Dylan.

“We’ve made a point of him doing it himself.  He is networking and discussing the business deals.  He’s got different agreements with ht places he’s got agreements with.  It’s really been him,” said Anthony.

Dylan now has three machines in Hesston and one in Newton.

“I had the one in [Bill’s] for quite a while and saw it was making $3 per month. I got a triple-candy machine and replaced it. Now I have a steady income of about $10 every time a check it – which is about three weeks, on average.

“I have one at the City building. It doesn’t make too much, it’s not one of my main sellers.

“The most recent is in A Cut Above. I got permission and that’s made me a steady $5 to $7.50.

“I got one in Newton from the person I bought them from. I got the one in the True Value store in Newton by the outlet mall. That’s $70 to $100 every month to month-and-a-half. That one is my big deal,” said Dylan. 

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