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USD 460 Mourns Passing Of ‘Mrs. Fitz’

Posted 12/10/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Late Monday afternoon, Hesston Middle School announced the passing of sixth grade teacher Renee Fitzgerald.

According to Superintendent Paul Becker, an email was sent to parents on Monday evening and parents of sixth grade students were notified individually of Mrs. Fitzgerald death.

Becker said counselors Jill Toews, Donna Schadler and Stephanie Litton will be available.

“There will be support for students.  [Tuesday] We had our other counselors present and on an as-needed basis for kids who need some support,” he said.

As of deadline on Tuesday afternoon, there were no plans for a memorial at USD 460.

“We are not aware of any plans at this time,” he said.

Becker said counselors and educators will work to keep school days as routine as possible.

“We are trying to keep everything as normal as best we can. That is what we are trying to do at this time,” he said.

Becker said on a personal level he was proud to have worked with Mrs. Fitzgerald.

“Renee was a wonderful lady. She had a very good rapport with her students and I consider myself privileged to have worked with her as a fellow educator. She is going to be missed,” he said.

The Record is working with USD 460 administrators and through Twitter to collect memories of ‘Mrs. Fitz.’  To share your memories of Mrs. Fitzgerald tweet @RecordTime #MrsFitzMemories. 

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Hesston's Grizwold Is At It Again

Posted 12/10/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Austin “Griswold” Bolinger is at it again this holiday season.

“I just have fun doing it. It’s my hobby.  I don’t play a winter sport, so it is something to do,” he said.

Last year, Bolinger set up his first major Christmas light display in Hesston. This year, he has gone bigger and better.

“Last year I only had six channels for lights. This year I have 16. I bought a Light-O-Rama program,” he said.

The upgrade not only means more lights, but also a radio station.

“We had people rolling down their windows to listen to the music last year, and we won’t have to have the speakers in the yard,” he said.

Bollinger said with the addition of an FM transmitter, people who come by to see the show can stay warm.

“I’m on 98.9 FM. It was an empty station,” he said.

When he set up the broadcast, Bollinger said he had to be careful to read all the fine print.

“My FM transmitter covers the whole two blocks. I had to read all the rules with the FM transmitter. If it reaches to the four-way stop, the FCC can fine me,”

When coordinate this year’s show, Bollinger said the more he worked, the more he found he wanted to add. 

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Housing A Hot Topic At City Council

Posted 12/10/2013

Record Staff

On Monday evening, the Hesston City Council voted to extend the Housing Grant Program in a unanimous vote.

Currently $6,000 remains of the original $25,000 investment.  Council voted to invest an additional $10,000 into the fund.

The Housing Grant Program was established in March of 2011 investing $25,000 with a year-long opportunity to apply for the funds.

Applications for 19 grants have been processed and distributed.

In Dec. of 2012, the Council voted to extend the program through Dec. of 2013.

City Administrator John Carder encouraged the Council to be aware the incentive is

“First of all, let me qualify, $1,000 is a token. People are not going to move here because of the $1,000.  One thing I think is extremely positive it is sends a message we want people to locate here and we are willing to put in money over the years,” he said. 

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AGCO Earns Patriot Award For Hiring Practices

Posted 12/10/2013

Record Staff

AGCO has been awarded the     for their work in accommodating and hiring current military personnel and veterans.

Becky Richardson with the organization Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) along with Karl Koenig presented the award to AGCO representatives Tom Nutting and Robert Ciecko.

AGCO employee, Sgt. Ben Walker nominated AGCO for the award.  Walker is a member of the reserves, an infantry member of the cavalry. 

Richardson said the mission of the ESGR is to find employment for military service men and women.

“The real push has been getting reserve and guard members employed. Sometimes we will send omnibuses to businesses who are working through issues with an employee and work to resolve why those issues exist,” she said.

AGCO was nominated by Walker after he found himself looking for work in the private sector. 

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Residents To See Modest Sewer Rate Increase

Posted 12/10/2013

Record Staff

 At Monday evening’s City Council meeting, an increase in city sewer rates was approved.

The approved ordinance will raise rates slightly. 

Base rates will increase from $10 to $13.  Volume surcharge would increase from

$2.86 per thousand gallons of water usage to $3.25. The last time the sewer rates were adjusted was in 2012,

According to City Administrator John Carder, residents saw a rate increase in 2012 as well.

“We took an increase a year ago, as it turned out, the wastewater treatment plant project got bigger and we had to adjust amounts,” he said.

Carder said with conclusive numbers on the wastewater treatment plant project, the Council could approve more precise increases to offset the cost of the $3 million project.

“We have the bids back now and know what it is going to cost. The KDHE,  through the revolving loan fund, the project has to be self-supporting. It is a fairly modest increase,” he said. 

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