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Hesston's Grizwold Is At It Again

Posted 12/10/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Austin “Griswold” Bolinger is at it again this holiday season.

“I just have fun doing it. It’s my hobby.  I don’t play a winter sport, so it is something to do,” he said.

Last year, Bolinger set up his first major Christmas light display in Hesston. This year, he has gone bigger and better.

“Last year I only had six channels for lights. This year I have 16. I bought a Light-O-Rama program,” he said.

The upgrade not only means more lights, but also a radio station.

“We had people rolling down their windows to listen to the music last year, and we won’t have to have the speakers in the yard,” he said.

Bollinger said with the addition of an FM transmitter, people who come by to see the show can stay warm.

“I’m on 98.9 FM. It was an empty station,” he said.

When he set up the broadcast, Bollinger said he had to be careful to read all the fine print.

“My FM transmitter covers the whole two blocks. I had to read all the rules with the FM transmitter. If it reaches to the four-way stop, the FCC can fine me,”

When coordinate this year’s show, Bollinger said the more he worked, the more he found he wanted to add. 

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