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Families Celebrate Christmas With Adopted Children

Posted 12/24/2013

Jenna Quentin

Special to The Record

Christmas isn't an easy time for everyone. If you are 2-years-old, your priority is learning that your adopted parents will always be there, meet your needs, and love you. Emotionally fragile, you cling to your new mommy during family gatherings, instead of bouncing around with holiday spirit.

Last Christmas, that was Katee. She was adopted from China only a few months previously. She has a muscle and joint disorder called arthrogryposis. She also had clubbed feet, requiring surgery and casting.

It was difficult to focus on Christmas. Her mother, Julie, has two biological children. She said, “Last year, I still wanted to do something meaningful with my kids.” They used an ebook called “Truth in the Tinsel” for ideas for activities, read scripture, and made easy crafts. “It was meaningful to have all my children there and to share simple truths with Katee that she wouldn't have heard in China,” said Julie. “This year she knows the story of Christmas.”

In a similar story, when all their family is home, Paige and Jim have four blond biological children, ages 18-23, and three black-haired adopted children from Peru, ages 9-12. Two years ago, they prayed for a little boy named Manuel. 

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