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FBLA Helping 'Angels' Have A Happy Holiday

Posted 12/3/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students and sponsor Dori Roth are once again ensuring ‘angels’ around Harvey County have a Merry Christmas.

According to Roth, FBLA has been making Christmas brighter for the last 20 years.

“We have been doing this as long as I have been here and they started before that. It’s been a good 20 years we’ve been doing this,” she said.

Roth said through the school’s partnership with the Salvation Army, they are given angels at the request of the district.

“It varies from year-to-year but we usually take between 50 and 30. This year we have around 30. It just depends on how many kids are in need, what some of the churches are doing, but we make sure we fulfill all the names we take,”

After Roth contacts the Salvation Army, she and FBLA students work to prepare for the event.

“They send us a list of names every year and they send angels.  We put up a tree, hang the angels and kids and staff take the names,” she said.

Roth said this year was a bit different when it came to hanging angels and she and students had to be more diligent about protecting the privacy of children.

“This year was a little different.  Usually we get numbers. So there’s a tag with a number and a little description of the kids’ age, gender and a few wish-list items.  With the numbers, it was much more anonymous. I’m not sure why they printed names on the tags this year,” she said.

Roth went through the angels this year to ensure students would not recognize a family name.

“The ‘angels’ are usually 12 and under.  We made sure we didn’t get kids that are in the district so we don’t make anyone uncomfortable,” she said.

When the tree goes up and the tags are hung, Roth said students are eager to participate.

“It’s a good community service project. Its something we do and the kids look forward to seeing the tree go up and buying gifts for someone else.  Sometimes kids will go in together and get gifts,” she said. 

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