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Swathers In Contest For USA Today's Most Unique Mascot

Posted 2/28/2013

Help to make the Hesston Swathers the nation's most unique high school mascot. Vote now!  

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Arboretum Hosting Local Art Symposium

Posted 2/26/2013

On Saturday, March 9, at the Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston, area artists will present and showcase their work at a Prairie-Inspired Art Symposium.  

This symposium will showcase brief presentations from artists representing a diversity of media as they share images, processes, stories and inspirations that expand the beauty of their work.  Works of art will also be on display and for sale.

Presenting artists include: Paul Friesen, Primitive Pit-Fired Pottery; Gail Lutsch, Printmaking; Matthew Richter, Painting; Jim Griggs, Photography; Bill McBride, Sculpture; Conrad Snider, Ceramics; Stephen Perry, Printmaking; Mark Feiden, Photography; Terry Corbett, Ceramics; Steve Murillo, Sculpture; Lorna Harder, Botanical Illustration; and Bob Regier, Printmaking.  

Other highlights of the day will include the opening of a pit-firing by Paul Friesen and painting demonstrations throughout the day by Cher Olsen, Matthew Richter and Joe Loganbill.

Registration cost is $35 for arboretum members or $45 for non-members.  

This cost includes a continental breakfast and lunch.  Seating is limited.  

Register early by calling 620-327-8127 or emailing

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Local Student To Have Art Displayed At The State Capital Hesston High School Student Honored At Youth Art Month

Posted 2/26/2013

Liz Reimer's 'Peacocks' will be on display at the Kansas Art Education Associations Youth Art Month celebration at the state capital on March 2, 2013. Hesston High School art student Libby Reimer will have artwork on display as part of the Kansas Art Education Associations Youth Art Month celebration at the state capital on March 2, 2013.

Reimer’s piece, ‘Peacocks’ will be on display representing Hesston.

“I was really excited that I was picked,” she said.

Reimer’s art had gotten the attention of art teacher Kathy Schroeder nearly a year ago.

“I was expecting it because she really liked it,” she said.

Reimer said Schroeder wanted her piece to be seen by a larger audience.

“We were really surprised it didn’t get picked into the Scholarstic Art Fair. We didn’t want it just sitting around, so we entered it,” she said.

Reimer said the process of making the print was very complicated.

“It’s a lino-cut print. And I used the water-color progressive and Chine-collé printing techniques,” she said.

Reimer, who created the piece as a sophomore, said ‘Peacocks’ was her first attempt at the print. 

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Snow Came At A Good Time For Wheat Crop

Posted 2/26/2013

By Jackie

HARVEY COUNTY – Despite the recent snow blanketing Harvey County, the long-lasting effects of drought linger.

Ryan Flaming, of the Harvey County Agricultural Extension Office, said farmers may see better wheat yields than anticipated, but there needs to be long-term change for farmers to once again see bumper crops.

“This is very good for the winter wheat. The snow covers the crop and keeps it insulated from the more extreme temperatures,” he said.

As the snowfall begins to melt, Flaming said a slow melt-off will ensure moisture gets into the soil.

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Schroeder And McGinn Q&A

Posted 2/26/2013

After legislators Rep. Don Schroeder and Sen. Carolyn McGinn concluded their presentations on the happenings in Topeka, the pair took questions from the audience.

Question: How can crony-ism be prevented in the judicial system if the Governor is allowed to pick judges?

McGinn: It’s a concern. 

If you have judges, you don’t fire judges. They either die or they retire. 

One of the most important protections is due process. When you have to stand before a judge, you want one that is impartial and fair – not one that is political.

So, the governor will pick and then the person will go through senate confirmation. And, we are a citizen legislature. If we have to go up there when it isn’t during session, we won’t have any staff.

You have people in different areas of life, and they’re not supposed to know how to pick a good judge.

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