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How To Join The Ranks of Hesston Heros

Posted 7/10/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston residents wanting to make a difference are invited to help save lives with the Hesston Emergency Department.

Director Russ Buller said the Emergency Services Department has opportunities for volunteers.

“One of the advantages of Hesston, we have the opportunity, if you want to be just EMS or just Fire, you can do that. I have many people that do cross-over.  It is an advantage that you have the opportunity to pick one, the other or both. There are departments that have only one option. We have the opportunity to do anything you want,” he said.

Buller said volunteers who choose a specific department will still be working closely with the other.

“While they are very different specialties, we do tandem respond in a lot of different situations. We have different functions on each scene, but we do end up on the same scene,” he said.

For volunteers looking for more opportunities to be in the field, Buller said ambulance services make many more runs.

“EMS has a lot more responses, which means they are busier, which means running night, weekend and holiday calls isn’t unusual. Fire has the same possibility of running daytime or night. But, because of the lower frequency of calls, it isn’t quite as intensive,” he said. 

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