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Cabron Monoxide Closes Laundromat

Posted 7/23/2013

After two incidences of high carbon monoxide levels, The Wash Line has been shut down for repairs and maintenance. 

According to Fire Marshal Jim Meier, carbon monoxide levels at nine parts-per-million are high enough for evacuation. Crews entering an area with carbon monoxide above 35 parts-per-million are required to wear respirators.

Meier said he is confident the cause of the carbon monoxide has been found.

“I am confident that it is the dryers.  We started them all running, and within a minute, the alarm was going off,” he said on Tuesday morning.

Meier said professionals will be on-site working to repair the problem with the driers or the ventilation system.

Meier said he will be on scene for the repair process.

“I’m planning to be there when they are working on it so I can get a better understanding of the system, how they are doing everything and getting to the bottom of it to make it right,” he said.

Meier said the supplier of the dryers will be coming to The Wash Line to inspect the machines. 

Meier said the business will remain closed until the carbon monoxide leak is fixed.

“We just want to make sure everything is right,” he said.

According to The Wash Line’s local manager Susan Spencer, repairs were underway on Tuesday morning and continued into Wednesday.

“We had plumbers out on Tuesday working. We continued testing and it was still high, so we will keep making repairs on Wednesday,” she said.

Spencer said The Wash Line will be open for business as soon as possible.

“It is all plumbing repairs, but we will be open once the tests come back ok and we are positive we have the problem solved,” she said.