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5 Students Finally Complete 1-Hour Film

Posted 7/1/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Five Hesston High students, Jon Geidel, Alex Meier, Malachi Wallace, Micha Wallace, and Scott Yutzy, undertook the making of a feature-length film, Finn & Co.

The film will run its final screening at Mojo’s Coffee in Newton on July 13.

“Budget money, we would estimate about 10 bucks. We estimated over 2,000 man-hours just as the five-man crew,” said Yutzy.

The project started as a basic screenplay.

“It was a really simple idea when we started writing it. We knew we couldn’t do anything outlandish. We had no budget, little experience and no time. We wanted to make something simple. It is a relatable story about guys that we can relate to and have fun.  It’s winter and they want to build a time machine and go to summer,” said Yutzy

Geidel said the movie is not for those looking for a stuffy or intellectual film.

“I think the humor and the plot are sort of middle school; which his funny because we think it’s hilarious. Adults might not ‘get’ the movie. People think Napoleon Dynamite is dumb; this is way dumber. At the same time they probably might think they wasted n hour of their life,” he said.

However, the five amateur filmmakers pushed forward with the project.

“Toward the end, it was a bit more centralized. Most of the ideas were coming from either me or Jon.  We were taking it in a direction and we knew we were on the same page.  Being the director and writer is an easy combination.  I could visualize a scene and make that same idea come to life because I had creative control,” said Yutzy. 

Geidel said he became involved in the project after it was already underway.

“Scott and (former high school principal Larry Thompson) Mr. Thompson started it all.

“All the guys are some of my best friends; at some point I got sucked in.  I wasn’t there from the get-go.  At some point I got caught up in it.

“I think Scott and I worked together really well and bounce off each other creatively and have been friends long enough we know how to talk to each other. With the scriptwriting, soundtracking and editing, we got a lot of creative control of each other,” he said.

Meier, who was part of the film in the beginning, said actors made their way in later in the process.

“We had four script writers and one more that joined. Malachi was the one that wasn’t in the scriptwriting class at the beginning.  Scott, myself, Micha and Jon did the scriptwriting,” he said.