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School Board Takes On Packed Agenda

Posted 6/11/2013

Record Staff

On Monday, June 3, USD 460 held a regularly scheduled board meeting.

• Site Council Reports from each building were presented in written form.

• Administrators were present to respond to questions from the Board regarding their monthly reports and the Site Council reports.

Clint Stoppel reported that supplemental assignments for fall activities should all be filled soon.

•   Superintendent Paul Becker updated the Board on legislative action regarding sales and other taxes for the State budget.  Becker noted the sales tax, at 6.5 percent, will raise $7.7 million for the state.

Legislation to prevent implementation of the Common Core Standards (College and Career Ready Standards) in public schools did not pass.

“The Senate voted to get rid of Common Core. The House voted to keep it. We are keeping Common Core. We have been working with curriculum for two years and were already moving toward the new standards,” said Becker.

The district received a refund from KASB Workers Compensation Fund.

Next year, there will be a reduction in USD 460 Title I funding, in the amount of $744.

“Basically, we felt good that that’s all we lost. I thought we could lose $2,000 to $3,000. We get about $70,000 in Title 1 funds. It was a fairly minimal loss,” said Becker.

The auditor will be at USD 460 on June 20 to help close out FY2013.  An end-of-year meeting of the Board will be held June 21, 7 a.m.

An update of summer projects currently in progress was given.

 “Summer projects are moving along. The Pit Stop floor had some water leakage underneath. We are having to do a little more than we thought. They have started on kitchen floor and making good progress and will be done soon. Re-striping parking lot is still on for July,” said Becker.

•  Proposed board of education meeting dates for FY2014 were reviewed. Board members were encouraged to check their calendars for the annual organizational meeting on July 8. 

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Conseal And Carry

Posted 6/11/2013

By Jacquelyn Nelson 

Beginning July 1, gun owners with conceal and carry permits will be allowed to bring firearms into Hesston City buildings.

During the Monday evening City Council meeting, Police Chief Doug Schroeder and City Administrator John Carder addressed the Council regarding new legislation that mandated gun owners be allowed to carry weapons if a city building did not have a security plan.

“Almost everyone agrees, except Sedgwick County, the cost is prohibitive to try. You’re going to have to have staff at every door, it would be like an airport to get in,” said Carder.

Carder said the statute raises concerns about armed city staff.

“We could deal with that in personnel policies. That’s debatable if it is legal or not. The court defines what a statute means. Someone could step in that door and within seconds licensed or not, if there’s a sign or not.

“I can understand Harvey County is concerned. They have district courts with felonies, not traffic tickets. I understand why that’s a concern. The protection we have is they can’t get into the offices without going through controlled area,” said Carder. 

Councilman Brad Unruh asked if City Hall was only accessible through the front door.

“The door I use, and the fire door, you have to key it. That door, if someone comes in and they are mad about utility bill or whatever, this law isn’t going to protect us. We just remove sign to comply with the statute. From what I understand, the sheriff’s opinion is to ask for the six months and hope people come to their senses,” said Carder.

Councilman Pat Moore asked if it would be feasible for the City to ask for the extension, “Would it be worth waiting?” 

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City Has Restrictions On Solicitation

Posted 6/11/2013

Record Staff

Summer time is a great time for residents to get out doors. It is also a common time for solicitors to sell products door-to-door.

In the City of Hesston, door-to-door solicitors working residential areas must have a license to sell. 

All door-to-door solicitors who have been granted a license by the city will have a copy of said license on their person.  Residents are encouraged to ask to see a license. 

According to Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder, those who are granted solicitation licenses from the City are vetted.

“Each person has to submit their identity for licenses and a background check is done before they are granted,” he said.

In addition, Schroeder said there are strict regulations on solicitation in Hesston.

“The permits are good for only one day.  They can sell from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,” he said.

Any residents receiving solicitations from individuals who cannot or will not produce a license are encouraged to call the Hesston Police Department at 327-2020 during business hours or 911 after hours.

“If anyone is feeling bad, notify the police. If someone gets complaints, we can revoke their license and or not issue one in the future,” he said.

Solicitation without a license is legal within business areas. 

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Wash Line Suffers Vandalism Burglary

Posted 6/11/2013

Jaquelyn Nelson

Vandals struck at The Wash Line in Old Town Square during the early morning hours of June 10.

Manager Susan Spencer said damages to the property could run into the thousands of dollars.

“A lot of destruction had been done. It was evident they were looking for money” said Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder. 

For all the damage done, Spencer said the vandals fled the scene with just over $3. 

Despite the low-dollar amount taken, Schroeder said it is still a serious crime.

“It is a felony because it was a burglary, no matter the amount taken. The amount taken was less than $1,000 but there was quite a bit of damage to the wall and the cleaning cost incurred by the business owner,” he said.

The vandals knocked a hole in the wall near the change machine.

“I don’t know if they thought it would just fall out of the wall,” said Spencer.

In addition to the large hole in the wall, Spencer said damage was done to the rolling window cover at the dry-cleaning desk.

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Hesston Community Wide Health Fair to be held this Saturday.

Posted 6/11/2013

There’s no time like the present to take better care of yourself and the folks at the Hesston Area Senior Center, along with numerous community volunteers are going above and beyond to help you do just that!

Mark your calendars for the annual Hesston Community Wide Health Fair this Saturday, June 15 from 8 am to 12noon at the Hesston Area Senior Center located at Main and Randall.

The Hesston Health Fair has something for everyone from 6 months old to 106 years of age. You can have your blood pressure taken, your cholesterol checked, your skin checked for suspicious moles or lesions and have your baby’s eyes checked all on the same day. The list includes many more health screening opportunities for everyone. See the complete list of services available in this week’s Hesston Record. Come take advantage of the numerous health-related screenings, information and demonstrations to keep you and your family happy and healthy!

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