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Amos Replacement Nearly Complete

Posted 6/25/2013

CREWS from contractor Vogts Parga were pouring concrete on Amos Street on Friday, June 21. The street should be open by mid-July according to Street Superintendent Jim Erb.

Record Staff 

Improvements along Amos Street have been moving along quickly, according to Street Superintendent Jim Erb.

Vogts Parga has been contracted to replace the street.  Erb said the city allocated $80,000 for the replacement.

“We don’t have the final numbers yet, but it will be in-budget,” he said.

“They are doing great with everything. If the weather holds they will be done by the middle of the week,” said Erb.

Erb said residents along Amos have been understanding.

“They have been using the alley-way to get to their homes, and that seems to be working well. Sometimes it has been difficult, having to take trash and recycling out to a neighboring street 

While the concrete will be poured, residents wil have to wait one more week before Amos is drivable.

“We are going to let it cure for about it week before it will be totally done,” said Erb.

The street replacement began the day after Memorial Day.

“We are replacing the street, curb and gutter, and the off-street parking,” said Erb.

The street will be constructed of sic-inch reinforced concrete.

“Anything that is in town will be able to go down that street, including trash-trucks, without issues,” said Erb.

The street replacement is built for long-term durability.

“We should get at least 30 years, if not 40, out of this street,” said Erb.