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Sports Books Are In

Posted 6/25/2013

Record Staff

The Hesston Swather 2012/2013 Sports Magazines are ready for pick-up today.

For the last six months, The Record has been working to produce one of the most comprehensive Swather sports publications since the 1980s. 

The magazines are 60 pages each of Swather and Lady Swather sports action.

Publisher Robb Reeves said readers are not only getting all of the published stories from the Swather Fall, Winter and Spring sports seasons, but more photos and complete statistics. 

“You get a whole year's worth of each sport in one book, plus photos we didn't publish in the newspaper,” he said.

Hesston Record editor and project coordinator Jackie Nelson said she was happy with the turn-around time on the publication.

“I am really pleased we could get these magazines out as quickly as we did. We are less than a month out from the end of the spring sports,” she said.

The project was a first of its kind of graphic artist Molly Flickner.

“The most difficult part was placing all the sports articles onto the pages and figuring out how many pages each sport should get,” she said.

For Nelson, compiling stories, statistics and photos proved a larger task than anticipated.

“It is always challenging working with someone else’s stories and photos. Everyone does things a little differently. Compiling statistics in chronological order sounds pretty simple, but formatting and making sure all the details are uniform is time consuming,” she said.

Sports Editor, and author of the Swather Sports Magazine stories, Bob Latta said he was pleased with the project as well.

“Over all it’s a great way to preserve what happens during the school sports season. It is much easier to see it in a printed, magazine format fully contained as opposed to trying to clip stories and pictures week by week as you go through the year. It’s really a great service to the Hesston high athletes and their families. And, it will be a good reference point for me. It is a compact, self-contained view of the 2012/13 sports season,” said Latta.

After the project was completed, Flickner said she was pleased with her first magazine.

“I think it is a great way to focus on the high school sports, and show the community what they have accomplished. I love to see a project completed after all the hard work is said and done,” she said.

Reeves said using local print shop Prestige Printing not only allows for quick turn-around time on printing, but offers a high-quality, locally made product.

“We're really happy with the job Prestige Printing did on the magazines,” he said.

For Nelson, the project was a way to reach out to high school athletes and their families.

“It is a great piece of high school memorabilia. It is also a way for us to keep expanding. We do a lot of things a typical newspaper does not, and I think this is a great example of The Record and Reeves Media going above and beyond for Swather fans and families.”

Magazines are available at The Hesston Record office. Single magazines are $12 and the pair is $20.

“We hope the community enjoys these publications,” said Reeves.