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City Wide Garage Sale Ads Are Here

Posted 6/5/2013

Don't miss out on all the greatest garage sale listings. This week's Hesston Record includes 50 listings on our City Wide sale spadia and even more in our classifieds.

Get the skoop on where to get the goods with The Hesston Record.

You can find Hesston Records at the following locations:

The Hesston Record Office in Old Town Square Monday through Friday 8-5

Daylight Donuts rack in Old Town Square

Our Main Street Rack at the corner of Main Street and Old Highway 81

Both Casey's General Stores in Hesston

Hesston Food Market

North Newton Prime Time

Meridian Grocery

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Harvey County Is Prepared For The Worst

Posted 6/4/2013

By Jackie Nelson

With recent spring storms rolling through South Central Kansas, many residents are thinking about tornado season.

Harvey County Emergency Management Coordinator Lon Buller said the county works with every city in Harvey County to manage disasters and major emergencies.

However, Buller said the county is very cautious about when the Emergency Plan is enacted.

“We have to have a pretty significant event to occur before we step in,” he said.

Buller said being one step ahead of a disaster can save valuable time establishing a chain of command.

“When we start looking outside for mutual aid or have already kicked it in. There is no set criteria but, sometimes it’s better to be ahead of the game. We may have some mutual aid going on.  But what we can do is we can do at a local level which takes the chair of county commissions to sign – that officially kicks in the emergency operation plan.”

Buller said the emergency plan is dynamic.

“Updating is almost a continual process. It was in 2011 that it was last formally updated, but we have, through the year, made minor adjustments to emergency support functions. Literally, that means fire service, transportation, the list goes on – there are 15 of them,” he said.

Buller said while the plan is flexible, there are not custom plans for each town.

“While every community is unique in its own way, we have the same plan for the whole county,” he said. 

The county has created a plan that can be implemented in any community, yet individual cities are not prevented from having their own disaster management plan. 

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How To Handle An Emergency

Posted 6/4/2013

By Jackie Nelson

For individuals, when bad weather is imminent, having a pre-determined plan is critical.

“My recommendation is, when there is a thunderstorm warning issued, know, “Do I have a plan? Where am I going to go if there is a tornado?” They need to know where to go. This is an issue discussed over and over. Someone doesn’t have a place to go – or doesn’t feel like they have a place to go,” he said.

Buller said enacting a safety plan before an emergency is key to being safe.

“People get in their car and go somewhere – that isn’t the point in time to be doing that because when you hear that siren or get that ap notice do you know exactly where that tornado is? Because, it could be right outside your house and you don’t have time to go out of that building and go wherever you would go at that point. You can get caught in the tornado itself,” he said.

Advanced technology gives people the ability to better judge if it is safe to travel.

“Warnings from the National Weather Service are so instantaneous, it is a simply fact is when they give that warning, they say it is southwest of Hesston 4 miles and traveling at 30-miles-per-hour, can you make it? If they say it’s a mile out and moving at 30-miles-per-hour, can you make it? It’s a discretionary thing, but you need to think in those terms,” he said.

While up-to-the-minute information is helpful, being vigilant at all stages of bad weather can be helpful. 

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G51 Awards $1000 To Three HHS Grads

Posted 6/4/2013

HESSTON High 2013 graduates Emily Nickel, Bryan Medina and Kate Bean were awarded $1,000 each from the G51 Foundation Scholarship during the Academic Awards banquet at Hesston High. 

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Class 4A Split Approved

Posted 6/4/2013

For The Record

TOPEKA – In accordance with the memo and ballot mailed April 30, 2013 the voting on Class 4A post-season competition in two separate enrollment divisions as proposed by the Big Seven League has now been completed.

Forty-two schools voted in favor of two divisions, 22 schools voted in opposition.

Based on 64 Class 4A member schools, the proposal needed 33 votes to pass. That requirement has been met and the proposal has been adopted.

Accordingly, the change to Classification of Senior High Schools Rule 5, Section 2, Article 1, approved by the Board of Directors last April by a vote of 35-27, will become effective in the 2013-2014 school year in volleyball, basketball, baseball softball and in football in 2014.

KSHSAA handbook Rule 5, Section 2 Article 1 will be modified by adding the following exception:

Class 4A Exception: Class 4A schools shall compete in two separate divisions for post-season and KSHSAA state championship competition in the following activities: football, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.

Following the annual classification and determination of schools assigned to Class 4A, the half of the schools with larger enrollments will be assigned to Division 1 and the half of schools with the smaller enrollment will be assigned to Division II. If Class 4A has an odd number of schools, Division I will be assigned one more school than Division II.

Since the origin of the proposal, KSHSAA staff have been working to identify host sites necessary to facilitate this new Class 4A format.
That process is on-going. 

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Free Screenings to be offered at the Hesston Community Wide Health Fair

Posted 6/4/2013

By Jacquelyn Nelson

The Hesston Community Wide Health Fair will be held at the Hesston Area Senior Center located at South Main and Randall on Saturday June 15 from 8 am to noon.

The fair will include free health screenings, information on health issues, demonstrations on the use of fire safety equipment, and assistance with completing the File of Life, an important document of personal health information.

This year more than fifteen screenings will be available for both children and adults. They include heart risk assessments, Peripheral Arterial Disease, skin cancer, and hearing and eye screenings, as well as blood draws for blood glucose, cholesterol, lipids and thyroid levels.

Did you know that chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes are the leading cause of mortality and represent about 63 percent of all deaths?

Did you also know that out of 36 million people who died from a chronic disease in the last five years, nine million of them were under 60 years of age and ninety per cent of these premature deaths occurred in low and middle-income countries (statistics from World Health Organization website)?

Primary prevention screenings such as those being offered at the Hesston Community Wide Health Fair are intended to detect and prevent new diseases by identifying and reducing risk factors as early as possible.

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