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USD 460 Honoring Area Veterans Nov. 18

Posted 11/12/2013

By Jackie Nelson

 On Monday, Nov. 18, Hesston Schools will come together to celebrate a belated Veterans’ Day. Hesston Elementary School Counselor Stephanie Litton has worked in tandem with Hesston High Counselor Donna Schadler and Middle School Counselor Jill Toews to coordinate a district-wide event for students and veterans.

Together, the three counselors have traditionally coordinated a district-wide effort to engage students and veterans.  Thus far, the three said the event has been very well-received.

“As of now we’ve had lots of interest and close to 40 veterans who plan to attend,” they reported.

The event is not restricted to students and veterans.

“The morning begins roughly before 9:00 a.m. and will conclude shortly after 10:00 a.m. The event is open to any military person and/or Hesston community members who want to honor the people who serve our country.

The event is centered around encouraging students to respect fellow community members.

“Initially the idea began by counselors working toward teaching our students the meaning of respecting one another and developing habits of respect through gratitude. As a district and a community, service to others has always been important; this is just an addendum to fostering that conviction and intentionally modeling it to our kids,” they said.

This year’s Veterans’ Day celebration is a continuation of the district’s efforts to focus a week of learning on a particular topic.

“Each year the counseling team develops a district-wide assembly in an effort to promote a family-like or community atmosphere for our students. In the past those assemblies have been focused on Red Ribbon Week, Cyber-Safety and netiquette, Healthy Choices, and Service. This year the counseling team decided on honoring the people who serve our country and make sacrifices so that we may live and learn in the comforts that we do,” the ladies said.

While planning the event, establishing a timeline for the event has been difficult.

“The biggest challenge has been location.  The Hesston High School gym floor was complete for a large assembly by Veteran’s Day. It was imperative for us to be flexible with our date, as that was the only area that would hold the number who plan to attend. In addition reaching, informing, and inviting veterans to attend has been a challenge because this is a first-time event for the district,” they said.

The counselors said the event is a way to promote civic engagement and pride in the community.

“We hope students and community members take away A sense of pride and respect for the history of our country and the people who contributed to making America – and Hesston, Kansas - what it is,” they said. 

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Thanksgiving Meal Costs

Posted 11/12/2013

By Jackie Nelson

For the last five years, The Hesston Record has tracked the cost of a typical Thanksgiving feast.

This year we once again hit the Hesston Food Market to furnish all the fixings for a traditional feast.  This year, The Record got a sneak-peak at the deals that will be offered at Hesston Food Market Nov. 21 to 27.  The prices for our 2013 Thanksgiving Feast are the future Hesston Food Market Grocery Flyer prices.

Grocery store owner Pat Schill said the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving bring more traffic through the Food Market.

“During Thanksgiving, we get more special orders. It makes it more interesting with more rare demands than our regular business, like smoked turkeys and being closed on Thursday. We have our whole regular week in six days instead of seven,” he said.

With the increase in foot-traffic Schill said he sees many new faces or otherwise infrequent shoppers. 

“It’s always fun seeing a lot more people coming in,” he said.

Schill said the Hesston Food Market is one of several local businesses that offer an essential service to residents.

“Can you imagine Hesston without a grocery store, or the doctors, or eye care, or the pharmacy?” he said. 

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Police Auction Brings In $150

Posted 11/12/2013

Record Staff

Last week, the Hesston Police Department hosted a silent auction for goods relinquished by previous owners.

According to Police Chief Doug Schroeder, the auction raised approximately $150.

“A Kohler mower engine brought in the most, $50,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder said the auction provided an opportunity for families to purchase children’s toys at a very reasonable cost. 

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Operation Gobble Delivering Holiday Goods To 4 Dozen Soldiers

Posted 11/12/2013

Record Staff

OPERATION Gobble at the Hesston Area Senior Center came to an end Oct. 31. 

The Seniors were able to pack away 44 boxes for service members stationed overseas.

According to Marla Sharp, one very special box was sent directly the grandson of a Hesston Area Senior Center member.   

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Enchanted Evening

Posted 11/12/2013

By Jackie Nelson

This Monday evening, Schowalter Villa hosted its annual Enchanted Evening fundraiser.

According to Schowalter Villa Fund Advancement Director Ariana Kauffman, the event was a complete success.

“Schowalter Villa’s annual gala, ”An Enchanted Evening,” again was a success, with a sold-out attendance of 205 for the Nov. 11 event at Mabee Center, Cross Winds, in Hesston,” she said.

Attendees were treated to culinary creations from The Water’s Edge’s Executive Chef Tom Basore and special musical guests.

“Tom created a southern New Orleans menu, serving cheesy grits, jambalaya, lightly sweetened cornbread and red velvet cake. The Upbeats of Wichita provided the evening’s contemporary and blues musical entertainment,” said Kauffman

Kauffman said the attendees generosity added a significant sum to the Schowalter Villa’s Good Samaritan fund.  

“Proceeds from the gala raised $33,750 to benefit Schowalter Villa's Good Samaritan Caring Fund for residents whose resources are depleted,” she said.  

Kauffman said she was very pleased with the event and Villa supporters.

“We appreciate all our donors who help support the gala, ultimately making a positive impact for our Healthcare and Assisted Living residents who depend on this fund.”

Kauffman extended special thanks to local businesses for underwriting costs to ensure all donations were given to the Good Samaritan Fund. 

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Festival Of Creativity

Posted 11/12/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Generations of Hesstonians came together to work, grow and play during the Festival of Creativity in Hesston. More than 350 people attended three-day festival Nov. 6 through 8 at various locations in Hesston. 

Four key events, a library reading group with local businesses, getting active through a Rhythmic Movement session, an art show and a bake-off, were the cornerstones of the Festival Of Creativity.

Getting Down To Business

The festival opened Nov. 6 with “What’s That Business?” reading groups at the Hesston Public Library. Hesston Elementary second-graders and Schowalter Villa independent living residents were featured participants at the first session.

Representatives of D’Angelo’s Pizza, The Citizens State Bank, Kropf Lumber and Mid Kansas Eye Care presented information about their businesses, then read aloud a book related to their professions. A second reading group included about 20 children from the Hesston Intergenerational Child Development Center (HICDC), paired with assisted living and health care residents from the Villa Life Center at Schowalter.

 “Watching the children make a personal connection with local businesses and their representatives was incredible,” says Megan Kelley, chair of the Hesston Intergenerational Community Advisory Board. “A child would say excitedly, ‘My dad works there!’ or ‘We shop there!’”

 Dancin’ In The Streets

The second event was a ‘Rythmic Movement’ session hosted at the Schowalter Villa Chaple. 

About 150 people – groups from the HICDC, Hesston Elementary third-grade classes, Hesston College and the Villa – gave five-minute, prepared presentations.  

“This event was absolutely electrifying,” says Kelley. “You could feel the energy in the room.”

Hesston College nursing student Amy Repp said she greatly enjoyed the event.

“I work in a nursing home. And, as a nursing major, I know how important it is for residents to move.  I like to exercise. I love to dance.  Seeing all the age groups come together and dance together was really awesome,” she said. 

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