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Literacy Without Letters

Posted 9/26/2013

By Jackie Nelson

Teachers, parents and students came together on Monday evening for an unusual literacy night – a math literacy event at Hesston Elementary School.

The event was sponsored by the Hesston Community Foundation.

Hesston Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb said the program qualified for funding through the Community Foundation.

“The Hesston school district is eligible for funding from the Hesston Community Foundation, and this event was sponsored by the elementary school,” she said.

Hesston Elementary School Principal Chris Robertson said making parents feel at ease coming into Hesston Elementary School and becoming familiar with the teachers and curriculum was a major goal of the evening.

“The goal is to educate parents about the changes to curriculum that will be coming down the road through the College and Career Readiness program,” said Robertson.

The College and Career Readiness program is connected to the adoption of new Common Core Standards, a new federal benchmark replacing No Child Left Behind.

Robertson said the math literacy night was a continuation of curriculum implemented last year.

“Last school year, we focused on math. We originally had discussed a more traditional literacy night, but we decided to focus on math as a continuation of last year’s curriculum,” she said. 

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