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Festival Of Creativity An Occasion For All Ages

Posted 10/29/2013

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Intergenerational Community Advisory Board is hosting their first event Nov.

 “We are most excited that it is a community-wide event. We are bringing the community together. People are very excited about it. We have been getting positive feedback from local businesses and community members.  They are very excited to see something like this take shape,” said Megan Kelley.

 Kelley said the three-day event is the result of collaborative efforts of the committee.

“We worked together as a committee. We started brainstorming and it started to snowball – these wonderful ideas started to take shape and we took them back to some of the people we were working with and got their ideas. Then we came together as a focused committee and more ideas took shape. This is what we came up with,” she said.

 Kelley said this year’s Festival of Creativity will be a combination of previous events and new additions.

“Some of the activities we have done in the past.  They have worked well and we are mirroring some of them.  The event at the library is brand new and we are looking forward to trying something new,” she said.

 Kelley said the new event to be hosted at Hesston Public Library will bring the local business community into the fold of intergenerational relationships.

“It started with us wanting to do a community walk downtown and letting the businesses see us walking down town.  We thought since it was November, it might be too cold, so we needed to find a way to bring it inside.  We thought about ways to get the community to see us and get the businesses inside with us.  We thought about ways to get the kids involved. How could we get kids excited about being inside with businesses.  We thought we’d read them a story – so we got the library involved and it spun off from there,” she said. 

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