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Burn Notice

Posted 4/9/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Incessant Kansas wind, dry conditions and plenty of dried out fuel have made grass fires and stubble fires a constant threat for area fire crews.

“Last Wednesday was a scary day out there. The winds were horrible with gusts up to 50-plus and sustained winds in the mid-40s,” said Hesston Emergency Services Director Russ Buller.
The geography and demographics of the Hesston community means Buller and his crews are facing a wider range of fire threats than other surrounding towns. 

“We really have little wild-land potential. We have mostly ditch fires, and there is the potential for wheat stubble. But we have more heavy industry and older and newer homes and big commercial areas and we cover some rural areas,” said Buller.

When faced with a rural grass fire, Buller said there is no standard operating procedure and conditions of each fire must be assessed.

“There are many outlying factors to consider. Weather conditions, fuel, structures and we are all good at knowing when to make a call. The information that dispatch gets and sends out,” he said.

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