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Hesston Public Library Casting A Wider Net

Posted 2/13/2014

By Record Staff

Hesston Public Library is fishing for more patrons as they expand their collection of items for check-out.

Director Libby Albers said the Library has recently added 10 fishing poles, complete with supplied tackle, and several pairs of binoculars to the collection of items cardholders can borrow.

Albers said she is pleased to expand the Library’s offerings.

“Libraries aren’t just books.  We have items people can check out. And, with three big Harvey County parks, having outdoor gear available without having to pay for it is good for our community,” she said.

Albers said Hesston is fortunate to have additional items for patrons to borrow.

“There are only two other area libraries that offer these kinds of rentals – El Dorado and Abilene,” she said.

Albers said the binoculars would be coming into circulation soon as part of a new programming opportunity.

“In March we are starting ‘Bird Brains’ as an after-school activity for youth. The binoculars were purchased for that program,” she said.

Albers said the fishing poles and tackle come to Hesston Public Library courtesy of the Kansas Department of Wildlife.

“If something happens to the poles or tackle, they will replace them. It is helping promote their aquatic education program,” said Albers.

Albers said each fishing pole and tackle set will be returned in good condition.

“The poles are all the same.  They are models that have been tested with large groups and kids, so they can withstand some of the abuse that may be doled out.  And, if there are any issues, the Kansas Department of Wildlife will replace poles and tackle,” she said.

The binoculars were purchased by Hesston Public Library.

“We worked with the company, and they were great. They made a 50 percent match.  And, they will help us maintain the binoculars, so any scratches or losses, they will replace them,” said Albers.

Both the binoculars and fishing poles will be available for one-week rentals.

“It is the same as our DVD policy. Patrons can borrow them for one week, and only two at a time.  If they have a group wanting several poles, they can contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife,” she said.

Albers said she is open to more suggestions from community members.

“We always open to hearing what people want and need, especially when it comes to outdoor exploration items,” she said.