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After Almost 20 Years With HPD, Hoheisel Retires

Posted 3/16/2017

Hesston Record Staff

After nearly two decades with the City of Hesston, Jeannine Hoheisel has retired from Hesston Police Department. Current Police Chief Doug Schroeder had only been on the job two years and was a patrolman when Hoheisel joined the team.

As the Court Clerk for municipal court and managing the front office of the police department, Hoheisel came into contact with everyone who walked through the doors of HPD.

“It’s never a boring job because the people are so diverse,” she said.

As the Court Clerk, Hoheisel said she saw the best and sometimes the worst of residents.

“It is memorable when someone pays everything off and they are doing better.

“You learn to deal with people because everyone makes mistakes and you encourage them to try to do better,” she said.

However, during court proceedings, Hoheisel said it was sometimes hard to keep a straight face.

“When offices sit out in the gallery, and something will happen in court and they’d just smile at me. I’d have to give them the ‘Mom Look’ knowing if they keep it up I’ll laugh and the judge won’t like that much,” she said.

When asked for specifics, Schroeder and Hoheisel said, “Nope! Those stay in-house.”

Schroeder said after years of being around officers and part of the court system, people develop a peculiar sense of humor.

“Court clerk and cop humor. We stick together. We’re our own family. We look after each other. I’ll miss that,” he said.

Hoheisel said she and Schroeder had been through a lot together.

“We’ve had a good time, a lot of laughs. We’ve been through a lot but we made it,” she said.

Schroeder added as the first face many people see coming into the department, he was always impressed with Hoheisel’s commitment to professionalism.

“Jeannine was extremely efficient at her job, but she also has a heart of gold and treated the many people that have been summoned to court as we would all hope to be treated - with dignity and respect,” he said.

With decades in the community and children that went through Hesston schools, Hoheisel was integrated into the community long before joining HPD. 

“She is a major reason why the department is embraced the way w are in the community. Often behind the scenes and typically not given enough credit, but always willing to get the job done,” said Schroeder. 

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