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Pig Roast To Fund New Play Equipment For Kids

Posted 3/16/2017

Hesston Record Staff

On Saturday, March 25, Hesston Childcare Center is going whole hog on raising funds for new playground equipment during the annual Pig Roast at Whitestone Mennonite Church from 5-7 p.m.

Director Judy Friesen said the childcare center will be purchasing new playground equipment as it undergoes a transformation in the coming year.

“With the new building project, we will be having an opportunity to plan an exciting new playground,” she said.

Friesen said the childcare center has long been known for its focus on nature and getting kids into the natural world.

“My hope is we can retain the feel of a natural playground that has been so important to us, and yet be more easily maintained,” she said.

Friesen said unlike in years past, equipment for the new playground will be purchased, rather than constructed by volunteers.

“It will look nice and still provide entertainment,” she said.

One of the primary challenges will be the loss of natural shade and revamping nearly all of the available playground space.

“It will be in the sun for many years, and we have to make sure that we have equipment that will provide shade. And, we will be challenged to re-work all but one of our playgrounds,” Friesen said.

However, Friesen added the renovations will provide several unique opportunities for all of the children at the center.

“Since there will be a lot of construction going on, the kids will get an up-close look every day at the big machines and at the whole process. It is a really exciting learning experience and something they don’t have the opportunity to see often,” she said.

Throughout the renovation and beyond, Friesen said the children will have new access to field trips outside the childcare center.

“We will be spending a lot of time outside for walks in green spaces. IN learning about nature, we are going to be in the midst of it.  We will be planting trees and they will have shade again,” she said. 

Friesen said the new playground projects and quality equipment will be made possible partialy through the Pig Roast.

“My hope is we have lots of people turn out.  We appreciate all the support. The community does a great job of supporting us,” she said.