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Hesston Youth Tennis Headed For Sectional Championship

Posted 7/28/2016

Record Staff

The Swather 14-and-under tennis program went 3-0 in June against teams from Arkansas City and Independence to earn a qualifying spot in the MVTA 14-and under Team Tennis Sectional Championships on July 27-28 in Topeka.

The Hesston teens will face teams from Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa.

“This community has a very strong tennis tradition and this is just another way to help support that.  Coach Dahlsten and Coach Sebits do a wonderful job with their programs and this is a way to help keep things going,” said head coach Lonnie Isaac.

Isaac said the winner of the tournament will earn a spot at nationals, held in October in North Carolina. 

As a coach, Isaac said tennis talent runs deep in Hesston and he has wanted to capitalize on  the skill level of youths and get them interested in the sport.

“I have been interested for several years now in getting a team together in Hesston,” he said.

Like many parents and coaches, Isaac said finding time for traveling and practices has been the greatest challenge of the season.

“This summer, it worked.  Having a son in this age group also was a reason I wanted to coach and get things started,” he said.

After such a successful first season, Isaac hopes more youth will be interested in the program and supporting Hesston’s tennis legacy.

“This is a talented group of young players and I am hopeful that next year we can have teams in several age groups,” he said. 

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Beating The Heat With Homemade Swamp Cooler

Posted 7/28/2016

By Rusty Whitcher

I will be the first to admit it.

In fact, I make no bones about my lack of handy skills. Sure, I can pound a nail into a board, use a screwdriver properly, or even hang a picture on a wall, but when it comes to advanced projects, I’m about as useless as an earwax-flavored ice cream cone. No one wants me, Ignorant Tool Boy, to help them.

So, when I was approached about helping during the 16-18 year old Babe Ruth State Tournament, my mind began to whirl. There have been many hours spent in the press box at Oswald Field for Mid Kansas League baseball tournaments over the years, with one thing in common; the heat. It’s summer, it’s July, and it’s going to be hot. However, the structure at Oswald Field can take the heat to extremes. See, there’s only one window, one door and two little vents on the west and east walls, which are supposed to help with airflow. Heat radiates off of the concrete, pooling in the booth to the point where we begin to wonder if we wouldn’t be cooler outside under the sun, with air moving through us.

Sure, we take fans up into the perch, but the best the fans do is move the hot air around. My suggestions of cutting a hole in the wall and jamming in a window unit air conditioner were met with, how shall we say it, resistance to say the least. There had to be a solution somewhere.

After scouring the internet, I found the answer; in a homemade air conditioner. (I’m refraining from calling it a swamp cooler as that sounds as if it would be found on a boat during an alligator hunt.) The first one which crossed my computer screen was quite complex, involving a five gallon bucket, Styrofoam, three vents, a fan, hole saws for a drill. Right away, I knew there was no way I could undertake such a task.

The second one was much simpler, involving a fan, a Styrofoam cooler, a PVC pipe elbow and ice. After watching a video, I really believed two things; the cooler would work and more importantly, I could build it. We purchased the cooler and the PVC elbow for a total of seven dollars, spending about $10 on the small fan. I set to work using a marker to mark where the cutout for the elbow would be, along with a cutout for the fan, as the fan rested on top of the lid, blowing down into the cooler and out of the elbow.

One of the first things I realized was the foam does not cut very well with a utility knife. I snatched up a serrated vegetable knife, and was surprised how much better I was able to cut the holes. My outlines were much smaller than needed so with a little trimming, the fits could be snug. Both the elbow and fan were secured with some duct tape( because after all, a project like this wouldn’t be complete without a little duct tape,) to which it was ready for a trial run.

I nearly fell off of my chair because it worked. Yes it wasn’t frigid air coming out of the cooler, but it was actually cool air.

We employed the cooler under the table, letting the fan swirl cooler air around our legs. It helped, until the frozen water bottles completely thawed, leaving us with just a fan. We may not have needed coats but it wasn’t blistering hot.

I think my next project will be an aluminum can heater for winter. I’ll probably need to wear shorts when it’s working. 

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